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Mini Dental Implants in London

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Mini Dental Implants In Pinner

Crooked or overlapping teeth are some of the most common reasons why patients here in the UK want to straighten their teeth.

These aesthetic concerns can affect your self-confidence, to the point of avoiding smiling in public or cancelling job interviews for fear that you might be rejected.

Fortunately, orthodontics is a quickly developing field where new solutions emerge every day.

Mini dental implants, also known as orthodontic mini screws or Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) are one of the latest innovations in orthodontics, helping you straighten your teeth in an effective and comfortable way.

  • A strong orthodontic tool used as an anchorage point to move the teeth into place
  • Can be placed anywhere in the mouth
  • Suitable for adults and children
  • Mini dental implants are used to straighten the teeth, close gaps, and fix bite problems
  • An excellent alternative to headgear

The Benefits Of Mini Dental Implants

In recent years, the use of mini dental implants has become widespread in orthodontic practices, in conjunction with orthodontic braces.

These mini implants are actually small, customised screws made from a titanium alloy, which act as anchor points.

The screws are connected to a fixed brace, and then they help move the teeth to achieve the results you are looking for.

Whether you want to fix crooked or overlapping teeth or correct bite problems, orthodontic mini screws play an important part in the tooth straightening process.

  • Mini dental implants are inserted under local anaesthesia and once that wears off, you will only experience minor discomfort.
  • When treatment is no longer needed, we can easily remove the screws by unwinding them. This doesn’t require anaesthesia, and you won’t experience any pain.
  • Mini dental implants are very comfortable. Once they are inserted, you won’t feel they’re there.
  • Mini implants are easy to clean with a small toothbrush.
  • Mini dental implants rarely become loose but, if they do, they’re not painful and they can be easily replaced.
  • Mini implants provide better results compared to conventional mechanics.
  • A very discreet alternative to headgear which is also used for anchorage.

Why Choose Our Clinic?

Mini dental implants require care, attention and planning if you want to enjoy the best results.

Uniquely located in the heart of Pinner Memorial Park in London, our clinic is designed to offer a personalised approach to dentistry and welcome all patients in a pleasant, familiar, non-intimidating environment.

If you have crooked or overlapping teeth, you shouldn’t compromise on your health and lifestyle.

Figuring out the best solution can seem complicated, but our dentists will help you understand the pros and cons of each tooth straightening solution so that you can restore your smile in a way that’s convenient for you.


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