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Dental Bonding

Do you want to improve the appearance of your smile and fix cosmetic issues such as chipping and discolouration?

Dental bonding, one of the simplest and most affordable tooth repair solutions, is a versatile procedure that can give you the results you are looking for.

Teeth bonding involves the application of a composite resin on or around a damaged or unaesthetic tooth.

We choose the resin to match the natural colour of your teeth.

Cosmetic dental bonding in London has many benefits:

  • Budget-friendly procedure with a high efficiency rate.
  • Gives you a radiant natural smile.
  • Teeth bonding is recommended for minor cosmetic flaws, uneven or chipped teeth.
  • Highly versatile and personalised to your needs.
  • In most cases, dental bonding requires only one in-clinic procedure.

Case Study

Edge bonding after Invisalign and whitening treatment

Before edge bonding treatment
Before edge bonding treatment
After edge bonding treatment
Read the full case study

When to Choose Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is one of the most versatile in-clinic dental procedures:

  • Repair chipped or cracked teeth
  • Close small gaps between the teeth
  • Make teeth look longer or change the shape of the teeth
  • In the case of gingivitis and receding gums, it can protect a portion of the tooth’s root that is exposed.

Benefits of Dental Bonding

  • Teeth bonding does not require the manufacture of a bespoke mould prior to application, so the procedure can be done in only one clinic visit.
  • Cosmetic dental bonding causes no discomfort. It requires no anaesthesia and no drilling.
  • Teeth bonding is one of the most budget-friendly dental procedures, but has a high efficiency rate.
  • Dental bonding does not involve down time or special oral care.

What Does Teeth Bonding Involve?

Dental bonding is one of the simplest procedures you can have in a dental clinic.

You can choose bonding to repair a damaged tooth or to correct an aesthetic flaw that is making you self-conscious.

At West House Dental you have the guarantee that your dentists will help you pick the perfect shade for seamless bonding and answer all your questions regarding this procedure.

As bonding doesn’t require any drilling and only minimal preparation, it can be done in just one visit at our clinic in North-West London.

First, the dentist will select a shade that matches your teeth from the shade guide and then prepare the teeth for bonding.

After that, the dentist applies conditioning liquid to help the resin bond to the tooth.

It is then hardened using a light.

Lastly, the hardened resin is polished to reveal the instant and beautiful transformation.

Maintaining a good oral health routine will help you prolong the fresh look and life expectancy of the composite.

No follow-up procedures are required, but our dentists always like to check how things are settling and can provide an extra polish or minor adjustments if necessary.

Call 020 8866 3025 to book your Free Smile Design and Consultation with Dr. Nikita Mehta.

Dr Nikita will discuss dental bonding and other cosmetic procedures that can help improve the aesthetics and function of your smile.


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