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mother maintains healthy teeth for her child girl

Top Tips For Kids’ Healthy Teeth

Here are 5 tops tips from dentist Dr. Shabnam Zai

Dr. Shabnam Zai is a member of the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry and recommends these easy tips to help keep your kids’ teeth healthy.

(1) Start Early

It is never too early to teach kids good habits to ensure they have healthy, pain-free teeth.

(2) Brush Together

Be a great role model and brush with your kids.

(3) Fluoride Is Your Friend

Check the box and make sure it has the right amount of fluoride.

What flavour does your child like best?

Let them decide.

(4) Tooth friendly snacks and lunchboxes

Avoid anything containing sugar.

Great sugar swap ideas can be found on the Change 4 Life website.

(5) What are you drinking?

If you would like them to have fresh juice (as one of their five a day) it should be measured, 150mls and had with their meal to reduce the acid damage and cavity potential.

Kids should only drink milk and water.

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