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White Fillings in Harrow

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White Fillings

Are you experiencing the first signs of tooth decay and want to take action now, before the problem becomes any worse?

Do you have mercury amalgam fillings and would like to have them replaced with a safer, modern alternative?

Then you might be the perfect candidate for white dental fillings.

At West House Dental, we recommend this tooth repair procedure to patients who have a tooth affected by cavities, as well as patients whose teeth have worn down.

  • White fillings are suitable for patients of all ages, including children.
  • These fillings are made from a dental composite that can be matched to the natural shade of your tooth, so that you can’t tell the difference between the filling and the tooth.
  • We are able to provide composite resin that is BPA free.
  • At West House Dental, we use high quality materials with a longer life expectancy, so that you get a radiant smile that lasts.
  • White composite fillings bond to the tooth structure, providing support and durability.

Benefits Of White Dental Fillings

For many years, mercury amalgam silver fillings used to be the norm, but this option has been raising environmental and health concerns, not to mention that the results it provided were far from aesthetically pleasing.

Now, white dental fillings, which are made from a specialised composite of high-strength resin, are a much safer alternative that offers aesthetically superior results.

If you have been hesitating to call your dentist for a dental filling appointment, we hope these benefits will change your mind:

  • Our experienced dentists will present you with a wide range of dental filling shades and opacities and together you will decide on the one that best matches your natural teeth.
  • After the procedure, you will not be able to tell the difference between the filling and your tooth.
  • Dental fillings minimise the risk of infection.
  • Increase the strength of the tooth and reduce the risk of further tooth damage while chewing and biting down on hard food.
  • Dental fillings allow for a minimally invasive restoration, so that we can preserve more of your tooth.

What To Expect

White dental fillings are simple and minimally invasive procedures that we always perform with our patient’s safety and comfort in mind.

Our clinic, which is uniquely located in the heart of Pinner Memorial Park in North West London, welcomes patients in a relaxing environment where dental fillings are a stress-free experience.

To care for your new filling, all you need to do is brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste and floss.

You may experience some slight tooth sensitivity in the first days after the procedure, but this is completely normal and usually goes away without additional treatment.

West House Dental is a mercury free practice.

We remove all mercury amalgam fillings under rubber dam isolation and high suction aspiration.

This is to protect you from the mercury and prevent any small pieces of the old amalgam filling being swallowed or entering your mouth.

This process is very comfortable and helps keep the area dry to ultimately achieve a better bond for the filling.

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