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Tooth Extractions

At West House Dental, we make the experience of tooth extraction as seamless as possible and provide you with competent care in a safe and relaxing environment.

  • We use a gentle and reassuring approach that boosts confidence and peace of mind in nervous patients
  • Our clinic is available for emergency tooth extractions in the evening and on Saturdays
  • We use advanced dentistry procedures and high-quality equipment
  • Our friendly and personable staff have extensive experience in high-end dental clinics, both in London and abroad

When Is Tooth Extraction Recommended?

At West House Dental, we try every treatment possible to preserve the natural dental structure and avoid surgery, but in certain cases, tooth extraction is the healthiest long-term option.

Some of the most common reasons why we perform dental extractions include:

  • You have one or more decayed teeth that cause severe swelling and persistent pain
  • A broken tooth that cannot be fixed through tooth restorations
  • An unhealthy wisdom tooth that is difficult to clean, has multiple infections or comes through at an angle damaging the tooth in front
  • You have sustained an injury where dental extraction is the only option
  • Advanced stages of gum disease when a tooth is very loose or infected

Why Choose West House Dental?

Although our natural teeth are meant to last forever, certain accidents or dental conditions can cause pain, infection, inflammation, and even bone loss.

If dental extraction is the right course of action, you can rest assured that the qualified dental practitioners at West House Dental will remove the tooth in the safest and most professional manner, using state-of-the art technologies and the best anaesthetic for your particular case.

We understand that you might be nervous prior to tooth extraction, which is why we have created a unique setting right in the heart of Pinner Memorial Park in London.

Our dentists have a gentle, friendly and non-intimidating approach and will walk you through every step of the procedure so you can feel at ease and in control.

Once the procedure is complete, we will give you personalised tooth extraction aftercare tips to minimise recovery time and reduce the risk of complications.

Pain and swelling are common after extraction, and they can be managed either with local ice bag applications or with painkillers.

To minimise the risk of infection, you will also need to eat only soft foods in the day after the extraction and refrain from smoking.

Our dentists can talk you through the teeth replacement solutions available, such as implants and dentures.

It takes from 7 to 14 days for the spot of the extraction to heal and then you can resume your oral health routine as usual.

However, keep in mind that the gap left behind after tooth extraction can cause the rest of the teeth to shift over time, affecting the quality of your bite, which is why it is advisable to seek a tooth replacement solution.