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Enlighten Teeth Whitening in London

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Enlighten Evolution Whitening

Are you looking for an advanced teeth whitening treatment that can eliminate stubborn stains and give you that celebrity smile you’ve been dreaming of?

With Enlighten Evolution Whitening, you can get a guaranteed Vita Shade B1, long lasting results and low sensitivity.

West House Dental is an accredited Enlighten teeth whitening clinic in North West London where you can regain your smile through one of the most advanced whitening procedures to date.

  • Achieve dramatic results: Enlighten is the only teeth whitening procedure guaranteed to whiten your teeth by up to 16 shades, all the way up to shade B1.
  • A combination of professional and home whitening package in a custom-made kit.
  • Enlighten teeth whitening is a safe procedure that provides long-lasting results and low gum sensitivity.
  • Enlighten teeth whitening requires no change in your diet or lifestyle: you can enjoy the same foods and drinks, without worrying that they will stain your teeth!

What Does Enlighten Teeth Whitening Involve?

Enlighten Evolution Teeth Whitening comprises both at home and in-clinic procedures:

  • During the first appointment, we will arrange a bespoke mould to fit your teeth perfectly. As you wait for these trays to be made, you will receive a tube of Enlighten Evo-White toothpaste and desensitising swabs to take home. Our dentists will also explain how to use your bespoke kit for maximum results.
  • Once the custom kit is ready, you will take the whitening trays at home and wear them overnight for two weeks. The trays are very thin and comfortable, so you will not experience any discomfort.
  • After wearing the trays for 14 days, the treatment ends with a final visit at our clinic, where our teeth whitening experts will give you a final one-hour treatment.

You can continue to apply the tooth serum toothpaste after the in-clinic treatment to maintain your new crystal smile for longer and protect your teeth from staining agents.

Is Enlighten Teeth Whitening Right For You?

Choose Enlighten teeth whitening if:

  • You want to benefit from a world-class whitening procedure that utilises state of the art patented ingredients
  • You prefer a combination of at-home and in-clinic treatment
  • You are dealing with extensive stains or want to see a dramatic change by whitening your teeth with up to 16 shades
  • You work in the entertainment industry and having a perfectly white and glossy smile is important to you

What To Expect

Enlighten teeth whitening has a 98% success rate.

This is thanks to Nano Hydroxyapatite, an active ingredient that passes through the dental enamel, breaks down stains through a process of chemical oxidation and prevents them from reappearing.

Enlighten teeth whitening not only removes stains, but also makes your teeth glossier – all of this without causing pain or gum sensitivity.

If you are interested in Enlighten teeth whitening or simply want to understand your whitening options are right for you, call 020 8866 3025 to book an appointment with our teeth whitening dentists.