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Sports Mouth Guards in Harrow

Are you the proud parent of a sports-mad son or daughter?

While the fact that your child stays physically active by doing sports is a reason to be happy, you are probably worried about their safety as well.

Whether they play basketball, hockey or rugby, accidents do happen, and your little one might get hurt.
Dental related injuries are one of the most common problems when it comes to kids’ sports, affecting a wide range of age groups, starting from primary up to high school levels.

Instead of worrying constantly about accidents or having to cover the expenses of tooth replacement, why not take the right means of precaution, and get your child a dental mouth guard for their sports activities?

  • 26% of all dental injuries are sports-related¹
  • Mouthguard – the mouthpiece that will protect your kids’ teeth, physically shielding them against potential injuries
  • Our dentists create custom mouth guards for children that ensure comfortable wear during sports activities
  • Athletic mouthguards can also have a role in concussion severity reduction
  • We pursue a customised process in order to guarantee the utmost protection and maximise comfort during wear

A Dental Mouth Guard Is Essential For Your Active Child

You wouldn’t let your little one play rugby nor go mountain biking without a helmet, right?

Well, it’s important to acknowledge that there are other pieces of equipment that make a difference in terms of safety and protection.

Considering the high odds of dealing with a dental accident while engaging in a wide variety of sports, starting from martial arts and rugby and up to rollerblading, this mouth piece can prevent your child from going through an unpleasant experience.

A dental injury is painful and expensive to treat, but with a professional grade custom made sports mouth guard for kids you will only have to cover a preventive cost, and let your child be as active as they want, without having to worry about their safety.

Why Custom Mouth Guards Are The Superior Choice

There are three primary types of mouth guards available on the market, which means choosing the best option for your kid may be a bit difficult.

  • Ready-made pieces
  • Boil-and-bite / mouth-formed pieces
  • Custom fit mouth guards

While the first and second options might be a bit cheaper to buy, these pieces can have a rather bulky, uncomfortable design and will also not provide the highest level of protection.

Custom mouth guards, however, are the option of choice for parents who want their kids to benefit from the best protection and a tight fit.

Ready-made and boil-and-bite pieces can be purchased at any sports store, while the custom alternative needs to be fabricated by dental experts, which naturally means you get a higher quality mouth guard.

At our London clinic, we’ll make sure your kid gets a precise fit to the conforms of their jaw and teeth, resulting in a secure, comfortable and effective sports mouth guard that you can trust.


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