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Non-Surgical Nose Job

Facial Aesthetics Non-Surgical Nose Job

Non-Surgical Nose Job

Do you ever avoid having your photo taken from a certain angle because you’re self-conscious about the shape of your nose?

Would you like to improve your facial profile, but you’re not ready for a rhinoplasty? Now, surgery isn’t your only option.

At our clinic in North West London, you can explore non-surgical options and get that perfect nose without going under the knife.

A non-surgical nose job can restore your confidence and provide Hollywood-level results without the pain and the high recovery time

  • A non-surgical nose job uses dermal fillers to reshape the nose
  • Fix aesthetic issues such as hooked, bumpy nose or nose with a droopy tip
  • Short procedure with immediate results
  • A non-surgical nose job causes minimum discomfort
  • No need for cosmetic surgery
  • Dr. Milvia Di Gioia is an experienced facial aesthetics practitioner and she is on the UK Government approved Save Face register.

What Is A Non-Surgical Nose Job?

A non-surgical nose job, also called liquid rhinoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure where we inject dermal fillers to give your nose a straight and smooth appearance.

Unlike a regular rhinoplasty, which can be very painful and requires a long recovery time, a non-surgical nose job can be done in a few minutes, with minimum discomfort, and you can see the results right away.

Non-surgical nose jobs have become some of the most popular cosmetic procedures in recent years precisely because they’re minimally invasive and can achieve almost the same results as surgical rhinoplasties.

Although the results are temporary, liquid rhinoplasties can be reversed if you don’t like the result.

Is A Non-Surgical Nose Job Right For Me

Non-surgical nose jobs have received a lot of buzz recently, but are they right for you?

If you find yourself in the points below, our professional facial aesthetics practitioner can tell you more about the procedure:

  • You’re not happy with the side profile of your nose because it looks hooked or bumpy
  • You are experiencing nose drooping as a result of ageing
  • You aren’t comfortable with having a rhinoplasty or you have a medical condition that prevents you from having surgery
  • You only need minor adjustments to your nose
  • You are comfortable with temporary results. Just like in the case of lip fillers, the dermal fillers used in non-surgical nose job wear off over time, generally after twelve months.
  • You plan on having rhinoplasty in the future and want to see how the result might look on you in advance.

The West House Dental Advantage

At West House Dental, we want to accompany every patient on their unique beauty journey, which is why we’ve partnered with the best in the field of facial aesthetics.

Prof. Dr. Milvia Di Gioia, who is on the UK Government approved Save Face register, also has her flagship clinic in Italy and is an internationally renowned lecturer and author.

In addition to her expertise, West House Dental offers you a unique in-clinic experience.

Our clinic, located in the heart of Pinner Memorial Park in North West London, stands out through a friendly, non-intimidating environment where you can feel at home.

If you want to improve your facial profile through a non-surgical nose job, you can count on discretion and bespoke advice every step of the way.