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Dental Checkup in Pinner

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Dental Checkup

Regular dental checkups help you prevent cavities and reduce the risk of serious oral health issues.

Dental checkups are painless and comfortable and help you prevent invasive procedures late on.

At West House Dental, you will be examined by a team of qualified and highly experienced London private dentists.

Our two Clinical Directors have over 40 years of experience between them.

Their handpicked team of qualified London private dentists have extensive experience in treating various dental conditions.

Our practice is located in the heart of Pinner Memorial Park.

It is decorated in a unique style that is comforting and relaxing even for the most nervous patients.

What Happens at a Dental Checkup?

At West House Dental, we take a preventative and education-based approach to dentistry.

Our unique 7-step comprehensive checkup begins with a discussion of your lifestyle and oral health needs.

We treat each dental checkup with meticulousness and check for signs and symptoms that could indicate an oral health issue.

This is what you can expect:

What happens at a dental checkup?
Our unique 7-step comprehensive dental checkup

Discuss lifestyle and oral health needs

At West House Dental, we believe tailoring your oral health plan to your lifestyle leads to better outcomes.

Firstly, we take your medical history.

This is so that we better understand your previous surgeries, genetic predispositions and risk factors.

For example, smoking, alcohol intake and allergies.

Busy schedules often don’t allow us to do what we know we must to manage our health.

Your experienced private dentists in Pinner are realistic and pragmatic.

They give easily achievable tips and tricks that maximise the positive impact on your dental health.

Everybody has a vice, but we won’t judge you.

If you have sugar in your coffee, that’s fine!

But what we can do is teach you how to have it in a way that minimises damage to your teeth.

Most people brush twice a day and still have disease.

We look at what you are doing and teach you to be more effective in the time you’re already spending cleaning.

We also identify lifestyle habits, such as drinking lemon water, that could be overly damaging to your teeth and advise ways to minimise the damage.

Bite, jaw and muscle assessment

In this step, we assess your jaw joint (or TMJ) and jawline for any asymmetries, clicks and abnormalities.

We’re also looking to see if you’re overworking your muscles and potentially grinding or clenching, which can be damaging for the teeth.

Oral cancer screening

Mouth cancer is the 6th most common form of cancer in the U.K.

Salivary glands, lymph nodes, the thyroid and the inside of your lips and cheeks are checked for signs of swelling or lesions that could indicate oral cancer or disease.

Early detection of mouth cancer is key for successful treatment outcomes.

Baseline screening for gum and bone disease

We gently measure the gums to evaluate their health and check for early signs of gum disease and bone loss.

Check teeth health, alignment & X-rays

Cavities and signs of tooth wear and damage are checked by our experienced dentists in London.

The state of previously completed dental work such as fillings and crowns are checked to make sure they are healthy.

Dental appliances, such as braces and retainers are examined to see if they need attention.

X-rays are also taken where necessary.

X-rays provide extra information, which we may not be able to diagnose visually, for example, cavities under existing fillings and bone levels.

At this stage, we will also conduct a teeth alignment analysis to assess bite function and to determine the cause of any excessive wear.

Taking Clinical Pictures

Clinical pictures are critical to our diagnostic process and form part of your clinical records.

They are for you to understand the current status of your mouth and what is needed to make you healthy and stable.

Discussion of dental report and outline of the estimated treatment plan

Finally, we explain to you in detail the findings in the X-rays and the photographs taken.

Depending on the results of your dental checkup, our private dentists in London will give you bespoke advice on how to look after your teeth to keep them strong and beautiful.

Our goal is to make looking after your teeth easier for you.

You have an opportunity to ask us questions and clarification as well as any extra things you would like to discuss such as tooth whitening or cosmetic issues.

We will email you a dental report summarising all our findings and an itemised estimate for any treatment required.

We will also establish the next date of your dental checkup depending on your risk of dental disease.

Benefits of a Routine Dental Checkups

In oral health, like in all areas of medicine, prevention is key.

Even if you have no cavities you are aware of and you haven’t experienced toothaches in years, it’s extremely important to schedule a dentist appointment in London regularly to make sure your teeth are in good condition and that you are not at risk of developing a serious condition.

  • A routine dental checkup is pain free
  • Get early diagnosis for oral health conditions, thus increasing the chances of successful treatment and reducing the need for complicated, expensive and invasive interventions.
  • Minimise risk factors for dental conditions
  • Improve your oral health education and learn how to perfect healthy oral habits
  • Remove plaque and tartar build-up

How Much is a Dental Checkup?

A fully comprehensive 1 hour dental examination for adults at West House Dental costs £95.

X-Rays cost £10 each for a small x-ray and £50 for a large (OPG/DPT).

A large X-ray may be necessary when assessing wisdom teeth that are not growing normally, or assessing multiple complex teeth or implants.

Why Choose Us?

The staff at West House Dental treats each patient like family.

You will benefit from over 40 years of experience from our Clinical Directors and state of the art dental equipment.

Whether you make a dentist appointment for a routine checkup or to treat a dental condition, we will greet you in a relaxing and hospitable environment that will make you feel at home.

At West House Dental, we are committed to respecting ethical practices that put the patient first.

We look forward to welcoming you to our practice.


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