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Routine Examinations

Regular dental checkups help you prevent cavities and reduce the risk of serious oral health issues.

Dental checkups are painless and comfortable and help you prevent invasive procedures late on.

At West House Dental, you will be examined by a team of qualified London private dentists who have extensive experience in treating various dental conditions.

Our practice is located in the heart of Pinner Memorial Park and is decorated in a unique style that is comforting and relaxing even for the most nervous patients.

Benefits of routine examinations

In oral health, like in all areas of medicine, prevention is key.  Even if you have no cavities you are aware of and you haven’t experienced tooth aches in years, it’s extremely important to schedule a dentist appointment in London regularly to make sure your teeth are in good condition and that you are not at risk of developing a serious condition.

  • A routine dental checkup is pain free
  • Get early diagnosis for oral health conditions, thus increasing the chances of successful treatment and reducing the need for complicated, expensive and invasive interventions.
  • Minimise risk factors for dental conditions
  • Improve your oral health education and learn how to perfect healthy oral habits
  • Remove plaque and tartar build-up

What do we screen for during dental checkups?

At West House Dental, we treat each dental checkup with meticulousness and check for signs and symptoms that could indicate an oral health issue. This is what you can expect:

  • We will examine your gums to evaluate their health and check for early signs of gum disease
  • Check for cavities and signs of tooth damage
  • Check the state of previously completed dental work such as fillings and crowns to make sure it is up to par
  • Ask about your medical history to better understand your previous surgeries, genetic predispositions and risk factors (smoking, alcohol intake, allergies)
  • Remove plaque and tartar build-up to keep your teeth looking clean and prevent gum disease
  • Examine your dental appliances, such as braces and retainers to see if they need adjustment
  • Take X-rays and digital images, if necessary
  • Check the inside of your lips and cheeks for signs of swelling or lesions that could indicate oral cancer

Depending on the results of your dental checkup, our private dentists in London will give you bespoke advice on how to look after your teeth to keep them strong and beautiful.  We will also establish the next date of your dental checkup depending on your risk of dental disease.

Why choose us

The staff at West House Dental treats each patient like family. Whether you make a dentist appointment for a routine checkup or to treat a dental condition, we will greet you in a relaxing and hospitable environment that will make you feel at home.

We use only state of the art dental equipment and we are committed to respecting ethical practices that put the patient first.