Cases Aqualyx Chin Before and After

Aqualyx Chin Before and After

Before the treatment, the young lady had good bone structure but was unhappy with her double chin. She sought a solution and underwent fat-dissolving injection treatment at West House Dental in London.

After just two sessions of Aqualyx, the young lady saw significant results. She noticed a substantial reduction in her double chin. As a result, her overall facial profile appeared slimmer and more contoured.

Double chin before Aqualyx treatment
Before starting treatment
Aqualyx chin before and after
After Aqualyx double chin treatment

The procedure was relatively quick and painless, with the injections administered directly into the fatty tissue under the chin. The Aqualyx solution works by breaking down the fat cells. The broken-down fat cells are removed naturally from the body over time.

The young lady was thrilled with the results. She reported minimal side effects, such as mild swelling and bruising, which subsided within a few days.

The fat-dissolving injection treatment provided a non-invasive and effective solution for the young lady’s cosmetic concern. She felt more confident and satisfied with her overall appearance.

Overall, this case study demonstrates the potential benefits of fat-dissolving injections for those seeking a non-surgical solution to address unwanted fat in targeted areas.