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Private Dentistry Awards

Award-Winning Dentistry

We’ve won the coveted 2018 Private Dentistry Awards for Best Practice & Design.

These industry awards, judged by dentists recognises the best that dentistry in the UK has to offer.

We’ve been recognised for the uniquely relaxing environment we’ve created for patients.

Many patients get nervous and anxious when visiting the dentist.  Dr Nikita says, “creating a calm, relaxing atmosphere for patients to de-stress before their appointment was a key consideration when designing and selecting a location for the dental practice”.

Dr Shabnam added, “we are delighted the industry has recognised our efforts in building a patient centric dental practice, which we designed to help calm and relax patients and to provide a refreshingly unique experience”.

Daniella Mancuso a specialist dentist herself and also a patient of Dr Nikita says “aside from Dr Nikita’s outstanding clinical skills, I have to say the practice is stunning”.

Priya Rathod, a patient at West House Dental commented on Facebook, “the environment inside is just stunning and like a show home”.

Best Dental Practice
Dr Shabnam Zai, Dr Nikita Mehta shared the stage with Dr Shivani Patel of Elleven Dental

Dr Shabnam and Dr Nikita of West House Dental shared the stage with Dr Shivani Patel of Elleven Dental, who were also recognised for their outstanding practice in the Harley Street district.

The awards ceremony took place at the Royal Lancaster London on 7th December 2018.

Congratulations to all the team at West House Dental!

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