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Tooth Repair in Pinner

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Tooth Repair

Tooth enamel is one of the strongest substances in nature, but certain accidents or bad oral health habits can make it weaker, leading to chips, cracks, and fractures.

Noticing a damaged tooth can feel very scary, especially after an accident, but don’t worry – West House Dental is here to help.

Depending on the extent of the damage, our dentists can suggest a variety of tooth repair solutions to restore your smile.

  • Our team of professional dentists have many years of experience in dental clinics and can address even the most severe cases of tooth damage
  • Emergency dental care available out of hours and on Saturdays
  • Our friendly and personable staff is familiar with nervous patients and can offer dental care in a calming and non-intimidating environment
  • A variety of tooth repair solutions available, depending on the severity of the situation: dental fillings, crowns, veneers, root canals

Why Should Damaged Teeth Be Repaired As Soon As Possible?

As soon as you notice that one of your teeth is broken, chipped, cracked or damaged in some way, call us to make a tooth repair appointment at our London clinic as soon as possible.

Even if the damage might not appear extensive and you are not in severe pain, it’s important for a professional to assess the damage and provide the right treatment in due time.

  • Immediate treatment reduces the risk of infection – which can occur if the nerve and blood vessels are exposed
  • Damaged teeth can have sharp edges, which leads to gum irritation and discomfort
  • Left untreated for long periods of time, damaged teeth can be lost, but if you seek treatment immediately, we will try to preserve the natural tooth as best as possible.
  • Immediate treatment increases the risk of speedy recovery. Even in severe cases, a broken piece of a tooth can be reattached if you have an emergency appointment.
  • Sometimes, tooth damage is not visible to the naked eye. Fractures can be as thin as a few millimetres and you may not know you have them, but, in time, the fracture can extend and cause bigger problems. At West House Dental, we pay attention to the early signs and symptoms of tooth damage and screen for them during every regular check-up, so that we can fix those tiny fissures before they become problematic.
  • Living with a damaged tooth affects your confidence as well as your health, making you feel self-aware and uncomfortable.

Why Choose West House Dental?

Whether your tooth got damaged after you chewed down on a hard food, after a slip-and-fall accident or after a sporting impact, West House Dental will offer you the tooth repair treatment you need.

Our dentists have an effective, yet gentle approach and you can rest assured that our clinic will always welcome you in a calming and non-judgemental environment.

Damaging a tooth can feel scary, but with the right equipment and expertise, your smile will be restored in no time.

Once your tooth is repaired, our dentists will also provide bespoke oral health advice to improve your routine and strengthen your teeth and prevent tooth decay.