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Boost your fitness and wellbeing at the ultimate Yoga spot.

Yoga Collective Hatch End
Yoga Hatch End

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A Yoga Studio For The Way We Live Today

We took a few minutes to chat with Aimée Garcia-Marshall, owner and founder of Yoga Collective in Hatch End.

What was the idea behind opening Yoga Collective?

When I founded Yoga Collective, my aim was clear and simple. I wanted to create a new-style space which respected the heritage of yoga, but which appealed to the modern day Yogi. Acknowledging that yoga is an ancient practice, our bodies, work, and lifestyle orientations of today simply demand different practices and approaches.

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What would you say is your ethos?

The name ‘Yoga Collective’ represents what the studio stands for – a collective of yoga classes all of which aim to ‘Balance – Empower – Inspire’ those who attend.

Do you have anything for beginners?

Yes! Of course. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned Yogi or a newbie, like it hot and sweaty or would rather chill out, there are classes for everyone 7 days a week!

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And what styles of yoga do you offer?

We offer a variety of styles of yoga on our schedule. We have Hot Yoga as well as slower stretchier classes such as Align & Flow, Flow to Yin, and Time 4 Yin. All these classes are accessible to all levels of Yogi’s from beginners to more advanced.

Then there are classes that focus more on strength and structure, such as Rocket and YogaAsana, to more traditional practices such as Dharma Mittra. We also host regular workshops led by some of the leading names in Yoga.

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What an exciting range of classes! We’d love to know more about who teaches them.

Our teachers are from a wide range of backgrounds, with experience of teaching all ages and levels of fitness. The one thing they share is a passion to inspire the studio’s community, and to instill confidence and ease both on and off the mat.

If you had to sum up what makes Yoga Collective unique in just two sentences, what would you say?

Modern life is more demanding than ever and it calls for a yoga space which understands and meets those demands. Yoga Collective is exactly that: a Yoga studio for the way we live today.