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Read a preview of the Editors Note from Dr Shabnam Zai.

Editors Note Pinner Magazine
Editors Note from Dr Shabnam Zai

Smile Face Skin Editors Note

Editors Note

This is a special one for me as it is our first. Life has endless opportunities. This magazine was once on a very long to-do list, and now it is a reality.

I have learnt I do not need to know how to do everything, sometimes we just need to dream or make a goal and we can figure out the rest on the way!

Shabnam Zai Magazine Editor

So, this issue is about inspiring you to try something new, something small… which in time will grow into something incredible for you. Whether that is learning a new recipe, enjoying a lovely meal with some friends, taking time out to invest in yourself so you glow with radiance and health, or to making better choices for ourselves and the planet.

I loved learning about how Nikita creates beautiful smiles and Aarti finds decluttering people’s homes also declutters their minds from stress and overwhelm. As a busy working mum, I was desperate to learn more.

I am also always constantly inspired by the vibrant independent businesses we have in Pinner and their stories.

Lukes Ormsby’s environmental consciousness and creativity are contagious, as is Aimee’s energy to balance, empower & inspire her community through her Yoga Collective.

I hope you enjoy this issue as much as I enjoyed editing it and as always keep smiling.