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Dental Hygiene in London

Direct access scale and polish.

Direct Access Hygiene London
Direct Access Hygiene Pinner

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Dental Hygiene Cost

Our direct access service allows patients to book an appointment directly with the hygienist for their teeth cleaning (also known as a scale and polish).

You do not need to be a registered patient or have a prescription from a dentist to get your teeth professionally cleaned.

Teeth Cleaning Cost

*Registered patients are required to have seen a dentist at West House Dental prior to their hygiene visit.

Non-registered patients

60 mins hygiene (adult)


45 mins hygiene (adult)


30 mins hygiene (under 18)


Registered patients*

60 mins hygiene (adult)


45 mins hygiene (adult)


30 mins hygiene (under 18)


Your Scale and Polish Appointment Explained

Your dental hygiene in London will begin with a medical history questionnaire, a review of any existing dental work in your mouth and clinical pictures for your records.

This will be followed by detailed oral cancer screening, review of your existing oral habits and periodontal disease charting.

We will do as much cleaning as possible in the allotted time and advise you if further treatment is needed.

The 45 minute appointment will include the use of a prophy brush to polish and remove plaque and calculus buildup.

The 60 minute appointment, which we highly recommend, will allow time for the teeth to be polished using our special Neo stain removal diamond paste flow machine, which helps remove heavy staining.