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Conditions Crooked Teeth

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What Are Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth is a general term used to describe the misalignment of your teeth.

There are different ways that your teeth can be crooked, but they all tend to affect your bite in some way, such as the relative positions of your upper and lower teeth when you close your jaw.

Many people may find it harder to thoroughly clean their teeth if there is misalignment present, which can increase the risk of gum disease and other oral health problems.

From an aesthetic point of view, crooked teeth can also lead to embarrassment or self-consciousness.

Why Choose Us?

Thankfully, teeth misalignment can be corrected using the right approach for your needs.

At West House Dental, we can help with the following types of misaligned teeth:

We offer a range of treatment options to realign your teeth for a healthier bite and more natural-looking smile.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, talk to us about how we can help.